The Anjolee Site and Products:

Each jewelry item is offered in a large range of sizes, diamond carat weights, gold karats, yellow or white, or platinum, thus creating many price points for each product. These various combinations and our unique manufacturing process allow the customer to customize any product based on taste and budget.

The high quality images throughout illustrate each jewelry item to its finest detail. All jewelry in our interactive website can be viewed in 360 degree angle, by clicking on the 360-Rotation links that are found throughout the site. This exciting new feature allows the customer to carefully examine each jewelry item, before making a purchase.


Anjolee is the place to shop for fine diamond jewelry. Anjolee is an online retailer of fine diamond jewelry that has been manufacturing jewelry for over 33 years. Their entire site has an interactive capability allowing customers the option to build their own jewelry by metal type, diamond quality, size and length. Customers genuinely appreciate these options since it caters to any taste and budgetary limits. 

With over 600 products to choose from ranging from Diamond Bracelets Gemstone Bracelets, Diamond Earrings, Stud Earrings, Diamond Necklaces and Pendants, and Rings it is no surprise that this site has become a serious contender for the market share in online jewelry sales. This is the largest collection of diamond tennis bracelets available online. See the entire collection on the Anjolee WebSite, click the link at the bottom of the page.

Why buy jewelry online? OPTIONS!

These days it can be time consuming to shop in traditional brick and mortar stores. To save time and have an easy way to product and price compare, many consumers are choosing to shop online. With just a few clicks, you can easily navigate a site and price out the diamond jewelry of your dreams. Anjolee made it even more accessible to build a jewelry item by selecting from four customization choices, metal type, diamond quality, size and length. You can have any item created in white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Plus if diamonds are too expensive, you can always opt to include cubic zirconiums instead. 

Especially when it comes to buying a gift for someone, the time it takes to find the perfect gift, order it and have it arrive could take a long time. But not when ordering from Anjolee! 

All online orders to Anjolee enjoy expedited production. It only takes 3 business days to manufacture an item and then it is shipped according to the method chosen in the shopping cart. It cannot get any easier than that! Plus luxurious gift packaging is included with all orders and a free sterling silver heart pendant is included to make the sale even sweeter! 

Check the testimonials page on the website to see what other customers are saying about Anjolee.

Save Money by Customizing Your Own Diamond Jewelry! Buy Direct from The Manufacturer! Big Savings Up To 60% OFF! 

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