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There is something special about jewelry and Anjolee makes it even more special. Jewelry by Anjolee is not just off the shelf factory made jewelry. When you order from Anjolee every order is a special order.

Anjolee allows you to make choices of precious metals and stones so that you will get a personalized piece of jewelry. How long does it take to get that special treatment? Most orders are shipped within three business days!

Anjolee is a great site to shop for a gift of jewelry for that special someone or for yourself. Anjolee has a one of a kind website for selling fine diamond jewelry. Visitors to our site appreciate the unique customization process, where they can custom build all of our jewelry items according to their taste and budget! The Closet Online is pleased to offer a catalog of some of the jewelry offerings of Anjolee. 

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Anjolee sponsors two blogs in conjunction with the site. The Closet Online is providing feeds from these blogs so that you can get the latest news from Anjolee. Check out these blog feeds:

The Royal Bracelets Blog Feed

The Your Jewelry Factory Blog Feed