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From the website: brings you a wide variety of jewelry designs made from some of the rarest and most stunning gemstones found anywhere! Our amazing jewelry is never mass produced. Each piece is painstakingly handcrafted by gifted designers and artisans using silverwork and gem-cutting techniques that have been handed down for generations.
Although you'll find gorgeous sterling silver pieces in our collection, most of our jewelry focuses on rare, unusual and utterly gorgeous gemstones. We don't design settings and look for stones to fit them like most retail jewelers. In fact, we do exactly the opposite - we design the perfect setting for each of our magnificent gems! That way we can guarantee that each one of these treasured gemstones is showcased perfectly to enhance its own unique beauty.

Boldest Beauty at the Best Price

Many of our pieces are bigger and bolder than those that you'll find at most major retailers, but because our selection is so huge there are plenty of styles to suit any taste. Whether you select one of our famous jumbo ring designs or the most delicate necklace, you'll have a stunning piece of unique, handcrafted jewelry!
Because our headquarters is located right at the sources of these gorgeous gems and the world's most talented artisans, you'll be astounded at our prices! Jewelry at is always 60-80% below retail! Perfectly stunning gems at incredible prices!
You can, however, lose out if you don't purchase a piece you see today. Since each is one of a kind, there will never be another exactly like it again!

Detailed Photographs Ensure You See What You Get

Since the qualities and characteristics of handcrafted jewelry are so varied, we believe it is crucial that our customers see exactly what they are buying. We display clear, close-up photographs of each piece from several angles to ensure every piece of jewelry is accurately represented.
All jewelry in our collection is truly custom-made and one of a kind. If you see a piece that you like, be sure not to miss the entire range of close-ups. This detailed view helps you to make the most informed purchase so you can be assured you'll love your new jewelry from!

Stellar Customer Service customers all over the world rave about our excellent customer service! If you have a question about a piece or your order, be sure to email us. One of our Customer Service representatives will be happy to assist you.
To find out more about our incredible customer service and jewelry, be sure to read our live feedback at this page .

Our Shopping is Secure

We accept credit / debit cards and PayPal. Both methods are highly secure and safeguarded by the latest 128 bit SSL technology. You are assured peace of mind when you shop for jewelry at!

We Ship to You, Wherever You Are

We ship our jewelry worldwide and offer a flat shipping rate on orders up to $250. All orders are processed and in the mail within 24 hour of your order. Buy $250 of jewelry and receive Free FedEx 2-Day Premium shipping!
We're sure that you will love our amazing jewelry as well as our prompt, professional customer service. Be sure to let your friends know about the stunning jewelry and service you receive at!