God, Women and Their Pearl Accessory

May 1st, 2013
The Myth Known as the world\'s oldest gem, the pearl has been romantically labeled as the \"jewel of the sea\", \"tears of god\" or \"teardrops of the moon\" Based on the folklore of certain cultures, it was believed that the pearl was conceived when a droplet of rain fell from the heavens, found its way in an oyster and became the oyster\'s heart Read The Post [...]

Gorgeous Maternal America Maternity Swimwear

April 28th, 2013
The gorgeous weather lately has set the mood for summer clothing, reminding us that truly warm weather is just around the corner For mothers who are expecting during the summer months, a maternity swimsuit is an absolute must Read The Post [...]

Nursing Bras With Bravado!

April 8th, 2013
Any great outfit needs a good base, and this could not be truer than during nursing With postpartum outfits one wants to look and feel amazing, and this can only be done with comfortable and supportive undergarments Read The Post [...]

Spring Into Spring Maternity Swimwear

April 8th, 2013
This spring brings us some fabulous styles of maternity swimwear There are various styles that one can enjoy Read The Post [...]

Types of Bras to Purchase & Wear Following Breast Augmentation

March 1st, 2013
As part of the recovery process following breast augmentation, a surgeon may recommend that you wear a compression bra immediately after the procedure and a bra without underwires in the few months after that What is the reason for wearing these different types of bras, and why is it important to wait for your surgeon's approval before purchasing and wearing underwire bras Read The Post [...]

Finding Fashionable Floral Maternity Swimwear

February 6th, 2013
For the expectant mother, there are a multitude of maternity swimwear options available From different cuts to different colors, there is something for everyone Read The Post [...]

Finding Great Strapless Maternity Swimwear

January 27th, 2013
Finding that right swimwear when you are pregnant is always a difficult choice It's even difficult to do when you aren't pregnant Read The Post [...]

Plus Size Swimwear – Tips For Buying A Good Fit Swimwear Online

January 26th, 2013
According to a recent study, 75% of customers buying clothes on the internet are women As we all know women are not all built the same, neither should our clothes all be cut the same Read The Post [...]

Winter Maternity Swimwear

January 3rd, 2013
Winter does not seem like the time of year for swimming, let alone a pregnant woman, but the cold weather should not deter you from getting really good exercise Swimming can be very aerobic without the stress on your joints Read The Post [...]

How the New Facial Cleansing Brushes Work so Well

December 30th, 2012
If you are always in search for effective beauty products in the market, you have probably heard of the new facial cleansing brushes that are the latest rave of women who are beauty conscious The main function of these brushes is to cleanse the face thoroughly, especially if you always wear makeup Read The Post [...]