Comment Policy

We welcome comments that indicate that the commenter has read the post on which they choose to comment and has something of value to add to the community.

Many of the comments that I see are not at all relevant to the post on which they comment. I have been relaxed to some extent and given many of these comments the benefit of the doubt. I am forced to change this policy to keep from littering my blogs with irrelevant comments. If you want your comment to count you will need to play by the rules.

I have instituted a policy that comments will be closed two weeks after a post has been made. This became necessary because of the time involved in clearing spam comments from the posts. By limiting the comment posting window I am able to prevent many of the spam comments that were being posted primarily by comment spamming software.

  • The comment must be relevant to the post.
  • No self serving links within the comment body. (If I don’t have time to check any link within the post body may get the post deleted.)
  • Add something useful to the discussion. (‘Great Post’ does not work nor does ‘I am adding this blog to my favorites’. Those are just postscripts to a useful comment.)
  • You are welcome to disagree.
  • I look at the listed urls, I don’t care to link to porn or drug sites, so don’t bother.
  • I may add more ‘rules’ if needed.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the worthwhile comments.