Plus Size Swimwear – Tips For Buying A Good Fit Swimwear Online

According to a recent study, 75% of customers buying clothes on the internet are women. As we all know women are not all built the same, neither should our clothes all be cut the same. For plus size women, we have hourglass figure; rectangle shape; triangle shape; inverted triangle shape… Finding a fitting and flattering plus size swimwear online is a big task.

It is best if you know your body measurements and body shape. Always look at the swimwear size chart before you order, every manufacturer has its own sizing measurements, especially for plus size swimwear.

Size charts can also vary in different countries. They even have different measurement systems. For instance, if you are in countries that use metric system and you want to buy swimwear online from a country using imperial system, you will have to convert their sizing dimension which is in Inch into Centimetre: say, if the bust is 45″ (inches): 45 x 2.54 = 114.3, it will be 114.3cm; vice versa from countries using metric system if the bust is 114.3 cm and you convert into inches: 114.3/ 2.54 = 45 Inches.

Sizing is not the same among countries. Size 16 in Australia is generally equal to size 12 (USA), size 14 (UK) and size 42 (Europe); so do not rely on the sizing number itself.

You can not use your dress size for swimsuits. If your dress size is 14 then your swimwear size may vary from 16 or 18 (depends on manufacturers). A good rule of thumb is to know your body measurements (bust, waist and hips) and compare them to the swimsuit’s size chart on the website that you plan to buy.

Another important factor is to know your body shape in order to find a flattering swimwear, which will increase your confidence when you put it on. There are four main body shapes for plus size women: triangle (small bust and large hips); inverted triangle (large bust and narrow hips); hour-glass (large bust, small waist and large hips) and brick shape (large bust and large hips but no waist).

Before ordering a plus size swimwear, you should spend some time to read through the product’s description. Usually, online sellers indicate body shape (long, medium or short torso) suitability for the style/design in their descriptions. When you purchase the garment, make sure you know the seller’s return/ refund policy before placing an order. Refund or exchange policy can be varied among online sellers; some sellers offer free shipping by providing prepaid post satchel for returned items but with other sellers you may have to pay a shipping fee. You should also pay attention on timing as some sellers will only accept a returned item within a limit time i.e two or three weeks for example, so make sure if you do not like the garment, you should send it back to the vendor as soon as possible.

If you are the first time online buyer, you should get recommendation from your friends, family or colleagues who are experienced in purchasing plus size swimwear on the internet; or find real testimonials from previous customers who were happy enough to post their comments on the website. Another way of finding out if the swimwear website business has a good reputation is to type into Google browser the name of the business and the word “review”, Google will show all the review websites which have customers’ feedback (bad or good) about the business.

Finding a flattering plus size swimwear on the internet will become an easy task if you have the above knowledge.


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