How to Never Get Caught Out With Chipped Nail Polish

In a professional working environment, especially during meetings, at lunch and during presentations, your personal appearance will always be judged by the clothes you’re wearing and how well groomed you are. Grooming covers everything from the condition of your hair, hairstyle, skin, make up and your nails. Having perfectly manicured hands is considered a sign of good grooming and it’s amazing how noticeable and self conscious chipped nail polish or uneven, bitten nails can make you feel.

Hands play an important part in body language and having open palms is often interpreted as a sign of openness or honesty. This means that during meetings and presentations, your hands play an important role in getting your points across and delivering your overall message. Hand gestures are actually encouraged by management consultancies. Watch politicians closely as they deliver speeches, their hands are never out of site for long. They are taught to use their body language, and hands to convince the public they are open, honest, genuine and caring.

So how often do you get a manicure? Well it all depends on the condition of your hands and nails. Some people get a weekly manicure, while others get one fortnightly or once a month. If you wear artificial nails or extensions, then you’ll most likely fall into the bi-weekly or once a month category. However if you don’t wear nail extensions, then a manicure will most likely be required more often.

Nail lacquer lasts for different durations on different people. Some people are able to keep their manicure for over a week without having the lacquer chip. This is certainly not very common as most women are only able to keep their manicure for five days to a week at best. If you are a busy working mom, this can become a bit of an issue. On the one hand you’d like to always maintain a professional well groomed image, whilst on the other hand you have kids to clean up after and a list of household chores to attend to.

A simple and easy way to get round this issue is to apply a UV gel nail polish, either in the comfort of your own home, or at a beauty salon or nail bar.

UV gel polish differs significantly from regular nail polish in many ways. One of the most important benefits is the fact that UV gel polish will not chip as easily as regular nail polish. In fact it can last for up to two weeks and even longer. Because of the length of time you can wear UV gel polish without it chipping, a manicure or change of polish will only be required fortnightly.

Gel polish requires a curing lamp with either a UV bulb or LED bulb to cure or dry it. Curing takes anything from ten seconds to two minutes depending on the quality of the lamp and the brand of UV gel polish. As soon as the gel is cured, you’re good to go and can carry on with the rest of your day without worrying about smudging the polish on your nails.

UV gel polish also provides a protective layer for your nails that stops them from breaking, especially if you wash your hands constantly during the day. As they’ve become more popular, use is no longer restricted to salons and nail bars. Instead gel polish as well as curing lamps can be purchased for home use. The most expensive upfront cost is usually the curing lamp. In the case of LED lamps, the bulbs will never have to be changed so additional costs for bulbs will never even have to be considered.

Wearing gel nail polish will prevent damage to your nail beds by the drills and files used when applying nail extensions and more importantly, you’ll never be caught out with chipped nail polish again.


Author Bio: This is an article by Sue Robinson who writes about how to apply UV gel polish at home. Sue also writes about applying hair steam treatments at home.


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