How to Make Dry Brittle Nails Grow Long and Strong

If your nails are brittle and break very often, they’ll never have the opportunity to grow to their full potential. As the nail grows out, the tips constantly chip and break off giving the illusion that the nail hasn’t grown at all. There are many reasons for this happening and we’ll explore them below.

The first and perhaps most obvious cause of this is the nail bed has been damaged from constant use of artificial or acrylic nails. Acrylic nail extensions usually require the nail bed to be buffed and filed down so the nail extension appears as natural as possible. While the resulting extension may be nice to look at, your natural nails are left thin and weak underneath.

The second most common reason for brittle nails is having dry nails. Dry nails don’t have any elasticity at all and when knocked will chip and snap off. Dry nails also tend to flake a lot and if you’re wearing nail polish, the nail polish will chip off as the nail flakes.

Another and perhaps the last reason for brittle nails is inadequate nutrition. Hair skin and nails roughly need the same sort of nutrients to be healthy. Nails in particular require adequate sources of calcium to keep them strong. When nails are strong, they are far less prone to breaking and therefore grow long.

So now that you’re aware of the reasons why your nails don’t grow long and strong, you can begin to take corrective action.

If you currently wear artificial nail extensions stop. The constant filling of your nails isn’t doing your natural nails any favors and is only aggravating the situation. While the short term aesthetic effect is pleasing, the damage they cause to your nails in the long term is definitely not worth it. Stop wearing acrylic nail extensions and consider alternative ways to make your manicure last longer. A possible suggestion is to wear UV gel nail polish. UV gel nail polish used to only be available in salons but has become popular as a product that can be applied at home. An initial investment in UV gel nail polish and a curing lamp is required, but you’ll save yourself money in the long run. UV gel polish usually lasts for up to two weeks, but may last longer. They provide a protective coat that is not harmful to the nail bed itself and also contain conditioning and strengthening ingredients.

Dry nails can be remedied by applying cuticle oil daily and massaging it into the nail bed. There are quite a few brands of cuticle oil available both online and in stores. Daily application will relieve dry nails and condition cuticles giving the nail more elasticity and reducing breakage.

If your nails are weak and damaged, taking supplements designed for hair, skin and nails will provide your body with the nutrition it needs to grow strong and healthy nails. These supplements usually contain calcium, b vitamins, zinc, magnesium and biotin – all of which are required for strong healthy nails. Supplements usually need to be consumed for three months before their effects are felt so make sure you stick to them and give them a chance to work.


Author Bio: This is an article by Sue Robinson who writes about how to apply UV gel polish at home. Sue also writes about applying hair steam treatments at home.


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