Five Tips Every Plus Size Woman Needs

When it comes to plus size fashion, there are certain tips one must abide by in order to set the trend and stand out. The first of these is finding a good fit in terms of sizing. If your outfit of choice is too loose, you’ll be buried in your outfit and it may make you appear bigger than you actually are. If your outfit of choice is too tight, you\’ll be immensely uncomfortable and you also run the risk of ripping your clothing. Avoid any potential fashion faux pas and select apparel that\’s just right for you so you can look good and feel good at the same time.

The second tip pertains to color. Everyone knows black is slimming and classic. It’s an essential in any woman\’s closet. However, you can’t wear black all the time. Cool colors like blue and violet are preferred for plus size women but that doesn’t mean one should shun bright colors. Just be sure to find bright colored dresses that flatter your figure and don’t accentuate problem areas on your body. In this way, you’re assured a closet that spans the entire spectrum of colors. You deserve to wear any color you want but be sure that you can pull it off.

Moving on to the third tip, consider patterns to be your friends when it comes to plus size fashion. The trick is finding the right patterns that will be slimming and flattering to your figure. Vertical stripes are perfect for this and can appear to melt pounds away from your body. The same can be said about slanted stripes that hug your figure. Avoid horizontal stripes at all costs since they will make you appear heavier as well as shorter. This is definitely not something to be worn by women who are heavy as well as lacking in the height department.

For the fourth tip, be sure to try on everything before you buy it. Looking in the dressing room mirror can be immensely eye-opening. You can see how the outfit fits you. You can notice how it flatters your figure or if it accentuates problem areas you don’t want seen. This can help you decide what to wear. It lets you see for sure if you\’re making the right fashion choice. The line to the dressing room may be long but it’s definitely worth it in the end. It may even save you money if you discover that a potential impulse purchase doesn’t suit you after all. This is important considering the current state of the economy now. We have to factor fashion into a budget.

Finally, wear some confidence with your plus size fashion. The clothes are only as good as the person wearing them. If you let your winning personality shine, almost any outfit is sure to get rave reviews from the people around you. You only really start to look bad if you allow yourself to show that you feel bad. Show the world your best face and you’re sure to impress everyone no matter what you wear.


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