Maternity Swimwear Classics

Maternity swimwear is an essential part of every pregnant woman’s wardrobe. It is needed for those trips to the poolside for a swim or just lounging about. It is especially needed when going to the beach and taking a dip in the ocean. Fortunately, there have been several manufacturers who have been around for years that have the knowledge and knowhow to make the perfect maternity swimsuits that fit great and look super fashionable.

One of the most popular maternity bathing suits of all time is the Maternal America Jenni Tankini. The styling is a tank with a tie halter to support a strapless style top. The tie can be worn up or down depending upon your mood. The bottoms have ties which allows for expansion as you are growing in your pregnancy. What makes this maternity swimsuit so popular is the unique orange and sky blue motif. The designers of this pattern were truly geniuses to come up with something so striking and exciting. It is definitely a look that will turn heads when you are wearing it.

Another classic maternity bathing suit is the Prego Maternity Black Tie Halter. This swimsuit also has tie bottoms that are really good for uncertainty of an ever changing size and fitting below the belly. The suits is covered in white dots on a solid black base with the tank just coming above the bottoms. The effect of the dots is to break up the any curves which makes you look smaller. The top is a halter tie with an open front that can show off a bit of cleavage if you like.

For the nursing mother, there is the BellaBumBum Nursing Swimwear. This item has tank straps for extra support and comfort needed as you get fuller from breastfeeding your baby. An adjustable strap is an essential item for any nursing swimwear to find the ultimate comfort point and this suit has them. What makes this nursing bathing suit so nice is that the access points are discreetly hidden under the empire waist tie. In fact, since you can never tell if it is a nursing bathing suit, it can be used long after your baby has weaned!

Also having been around for many years now is the Maternal America Jessie Flutter Halterkini. This maternity swimwear has the lines of a strapless without necessarily needing to be worn that way. The advantage of a flutter top is that it is light and airy being able to flow with the passing breezes yet cut in a way that it will provide some coverage of your growing pregnant belly. Many pregnant women are not so comfortable to show their bellies so a flutter top is a great option. Like many of the classic maternity bathing suits, this one too has tie bottoms. The style of the bottoms is cut lower than many other suits so the wear needs to be more comfortable with showing a bit more skin.

The last classic is the basic two piece maternity bikini. Many designers have made many variations on this styling but for the truly classic individual, go with basic black. Maternity bikinis definitely will fit better than your average pre-pregnancy ones. They have wider bra straps to give more support for your growing bust line. The bottoms generally have a wider waistband of high Spandex content to allow for your growing belly. They are also designed to sit better on your pregnant body than a generic pre-pregnancy one.

Whatever your choice for maternity swimwear, there are many classic styles for pregnant women who want something tried and true. Find yours today and start showing off that sexy belly!


Author Bio: Amy Jarman is owner of maternity clothes and nursing clothes store has a wide selection of maternity swimwear, maternity swimsuits and maternity bathing suits for your pregnancy by designers such as Prego Maternity, Maternal America & Belabumbum.


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