Various Kinds of Cheap Makeup

Among the various kinds of makeup, cheap makeup is often distinguished by the type and area of face or body where it applied. In most cases makeup applied on different parts of face are divided into various categories. The term does not really mean that there is any compromise being made on the quality of materials added to the ingredients of this makeup. In turn, it aims to provide quality products with approved ingredients at a low price.

The objective behind using low price items is that in this age of economic recession, all the industries and other commercial units are striving to achieve the same level of purity and quality at a lower price. An easy way of doing this is to use relatively less costly ingredients in the manufacture of makeup items. Among the makeup items mostly used are ones related to the use on lips. These include lipstick, lip-gloss, lip balm, lip bumpers, lip boosters and primer. The basic ingredient used in all these types is either water or gel which makes the base of an item. Furthermore, the addition of alcohol makes the product stay longer on lips.

Another important category which forms one of the basic ingredients of cheap makeup is foundation. Primarily, foundation is applied in order to give an overall smooth texture to the skin of the face. In addition to smoothing the skin, it is also applied to make skin tone even and cover all spots or uneven pigmentation or coloration on the face. There are mainly three forms in which foundation is available. Choosing the suitable kind depends on your skin type and tone. Usually foundation is available in three forms which are liquid, cream and powdered form. Sometimes foundation primer is also applied before foundation.

Sometimes, in order to avoid foundation, face powder is used. Usually this is done in those cases when a matte finishing is required and only small flaws are required to be concealed on the face. The only difference between this form of cheap makeup and foundation application is that the face powder helps achieve a matte finish over the face. Principally it should be applied over the foundation in order to set it evenly and it may also act as a concealer to a limited extent. After that, rogue and blusher are applied to enhance the features of the face and to add a glow to skin.

Most of the work is performed on eyes while doing makeup. That is why there are a lot of cheap makeup items that have been produced either genuinely by original brands or by copying. These include mascara, eyeliner, eyelid glue, eyelash curlers and thickeners. All these agents are aimed at shaping the eye into a desired form. These items are most commonly used by teenagers to aged customers alike. Such a high demand of these items has led to the production of cheap makeup items, especially eye makeup.

There are many other makeup items which are not applied to the face and these are considered of prime importance. Among these the most important and most widely used item is nail enamel or nail polish. Nail polish, which is available in various colors, is used for coloring finger nails as well as toenails. As a result of its application to nails, a waterproof layer is formed. It is recommended to apply two coats. The most important fact about every kind of makeup item is that knowing its physical composition is very necessary, which helps you to decide what type should be applied to a specific skin type.

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