Enhancing the Silkiness of Your Hair

It is no lie that women feel better about themselves when they have healthy and beautiful hair. In fact, the term “bad hair day” is a true sentiment in that women feel out of sync and depressed when their hair is unsightly or unmanageable. Needless to say, silky, shiny hair is beautiful and is desired by women all around the world.


The sad reality is that hair does get dull over time. One major reason for a dull appearance is dryness. Hair needs moisture to thrive and appear healthy. Over time the much needed natural oils in the hair start to fade away. Without these natural oils, hair gets dry and appears dull. However, dryness is not the only reason that your hair might be dull.

Hair can also appear dull because of damage, which can be caused by exposure to the sun or to the extreme heat associated with blow dryers or flat irons. Another major contributor to dull hair is poor nutrition. People who do not drink enough water or eat enough vitamins and minerals will experience a less than pleasing appearance to their hair. Hard water can also be a contributor in some areas. All of these things can wreak havoc on your mane, causing the not so pleasing dull look. Luckily there are many ways to make your hair shiny and silky and keep it that way.


In order to maximize the silky shininess of your hair, you will need to follow a daily regimen. This would include using a good shampoo and conditioner, and drinking plenty of water to allow your hair to receive the right amount of moisture. Also, eat a well balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals and brush your hair in between washes to redistribute oils from the scalp to the rest of your hair.

If you want a quick fix there are many “at home” ways to get silky and shiny hair such as an egg white or olive oil mask. These can be applied like a shampoo to the scalp and hair once a week to retain moisture. Many stylists also recommend a vinegar or citrus rinse to help repair the outer layer of your hair. Also available are deep root conditioners such as those used in salons. These will deeply condition your hair from root to tip adding much needed moisture to avoid the dull look.

Last but not least there are a few techniques that stylists recommend to try to create the silky and shiny effect. For instance, it is best to aim your blow dryer downward to avoid pushing the ends of your hair up. Also, use cold water in the shower to rinse your hair. This will help seal the cuticles to retain moisture and minimize damage. Of course you should trim your hair often; at least once every six weeks is best to avoid split ends which prevent moisture from reaching the rest of your hair.

Switching to shampoos and conditioners with natural ingredients is also a good idea because they will restore natural oils. The most important tip of all though is to try and avoid heat styling whenever possible. Cutting down on heat styling such as curling, flat ironing and blow drying will make your hair stay shinier and silkier longer.

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