Seven Shining Qualities to Look For in Cubic Zirconia Rings

When it comes to shopping for cubic zirconia rings, the selection process is much the same as any other piece of jewelry that will become a part of your collection for years to come. When you choose an accessory, it must compliment your style, wardrobe and personality. Below are 7 ways to ensure that your next sparkling purchase does just that.

Cut. When choosing a ring, many women will agree that the gemstone cut is one of the first things that they look for. While some prefer the traditional round cut, others prefer marquise, princess, oval or other popular choice.

Style. Whether you consider yourself a lover of trendy or classic designs, you are sure to find this and much more in cubic zirconia rings. The style of a ring is quite often a direct reflection of the wearer’s personality. A classic design, for instance, reflects a woman who likes timeless accessories that often become her signature piece. As something that will never go out of style, she knows that her investment is one that she will reach for time and time again. For the wearer who appreciates a more trendsetting style, a unique design may be more suitable due to its creative and fashionable appearance. Whatever your taste, choosing a ring that fits your personality will ensure a perfect fit both on your finger and in your jewelry collection.

Price. Quite often, our budget plays a very important role in determining what type of jewelry we select. When it comes to cubic zirconia rings, the price that you can expect to pay is much more affordable than their genuine diamond competitors. Although cz jewelry is made to resemble a flawless diamond, it is a created stone that is far less expensive and remains extremely popular.

Brilliance. One of the greatest characteristics of cubic zirconia rings is their amazing ability to outshine many genuine gemstones, especially diamonds. The brilliance of a stone refers to its brightness or, in some cases, its sparkle. Because a created stone is much less likely to have inclusions, most will offer the wearer a beautiful eye clean appearance. It is important to take note of the flawless nature of a gemstone and its clarity when making a jewelry purchase.

Setting. When someone describes a jewelry setting, they are referring to the metal design in which a gemstone is set. When shopping for any type of ring, it is important that you consider the setting as part of your selection process. If you are an active person who is tough on jewelry or you work in a profession that requires minimal jewelry, a low setting would likely work best for you. If you are someone who can wear a high profile design, then you can choose a design that sits up higher than some.

Color. Like genuine diamonds, cz jewelry is available in a variety of colors. From the traditional white to black, champagne, pink and more, cubic zirconia rings are created to look identical to their genuine diamond competitors. Therefore, a variety of colors must be available for the shopper who appreciates a selection.

Size. If you are shopping for cubic zirconia rings, or any ring for that matter, it is important to know your correct ring size. In addition to that, an informed consumer is a happy one. Certain rings, such as those with a wide band or those with a thick design, may fit more snuggly than a traditional thin band and may require the wearer to go up 1/2 to 1 whole size in order to achieve a comfortable fit. As you shop, make sure to keep your true ring size in mind and make an educated decision as to which size and style will fit you best.

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  1. David Says:

    I agree that these all tips are helpful to purchase right zirconia ring. My choice is oval shape ring and I have purchased one pink color ring for my girlfriend on her b’day.