Top Wedding Dress Styles Stay in Style For a Reason

As cutting-edge as West Coast brides can be, Los Angeles bridal boutiques know many stick with tradition when it comes to their gowns. Traditional wedding dresses have remained popular for a reason: they flatter, enhance and speak of elegance, and Los Angeles bridal dresses turn up the volume.

The A-line style is one of the most basic but always in-demand wedding dresses. The top portion of the dress, which is often strapless, fits snug around the bodice and waist while the skirt flares out in the shape of an A. The soft bell-shape may have remained a standard because it compliments a number of different figures. The focus is on the blushing bride’s shoulders and face in the strapless gown and the cut of the hemline decides how much leg to show. A-line dresses can be floor-length or cut right above the knee for a flirtier look that still keeps the classic shape.

Make the A-line a bit more dramatic with a few details that turn it into a princess cut. Princess cut dresses capitalize on and emphasize the A-line shape with lengthy vertical panels that run from the top of the bodice to the bottom of the skirt.

Empire wedding dresses are another classical shape, one that is reminiscent of the Renaissance. Empire gowns fit snug at the top and feature a band right below the bodice from whence the gown’s skirt flows freely. The empire waist elongates the body, making the bride long and lithe as she sashays down the aisle. A classic halter bodice can top off an empire gown, or the bride can opt for any number of different sleeve styles or length. The focus on the band right above the waist makes it a perfect location for embroidery, beaded lace or other fine details that help define the gown. The skirt of the empire dress, however, should be lightweight enough to flow freely from the gathered top.

Column wedding gowns are also classics. As the name implies, the column wedding gown is cut straight down in a perfect vertical line. This style shows off all the curves, so be ready to be sexy. Like the empire gown, column wedding gowns have variable options when it comes to the bodice. Long sleeves give it a classier vibe while three-quarter length sleeves give the gown a retro feel. Sleeveless, halter and strapless styles also work with this simple and elegant choice.

The curve-hugging mermaid wedding gown is another staple. The dress is cut tight from the bodice to the knees where the bottom of the skirt flounces outward like a mermaid tail. Mermaid gowns place a lot of emphasis; all eyes are focused on the bride’s hips and definitely works for a memorable sashay down the aisle.

Brides with visions of fairy-tale weddings can supplement those visions with the ball gown wedding dress. Snug and fitted on top, the ball gown blossoms at the waist into a fanfare of tulle, satin and lace for ultimate drama and dynamic.

Author Bio: Stewart Wrighter and his wife have a daughter planning a wedding and visited several Los Angeles bridal boutiques online for the perfect wedding dress. His daughter searched the term Los Angeles bridal dresses to locate a dress shop in her area.


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