Seven Basic Tips To Tie A Silk Scarf With A Windsor Knot

To help you tie a silk scarf with a Windsor knot, begin by draping the scarf around your neck, cross the extended end and draw it beneath the narrow one, turn the scarf over and slip the longer end under the shorter end, make a couple of little loops, pull the scarf via the collar loop, and pull the extended end downward.

Silk scarves are an ideal way of adding accessories to an outfit or giving it an extra feel of style. There are various elements you could do using silk scarves, that make them versatile fashion stuff. The Windsor knot is one of the ways of tying your silk scarf and making it look full and classy. It is a wide knot that’s more often used on men’s ties and for formal affairs. However girls may also design their own oblong neckties this way and make up a fabulous full knot that can immediately decorate a blouse or top. If you’d like to know the way to tie a silk scarf with a Windsor knot, follow these techniques:

Start by draping the scarf all over your own neck

To tie a Windsor knot, put the scarf all over your neck so it drapes loosely in front of you. Make sure that one end of the scarf is substantially shorter compared to other. You’ll be tying most of the knot utilizing the longer end, so you need to have enough of the scarf to work on. If you are wearing a collared top, move the collar up to keep it out from you.

Cross the long end and bring it beneath the narrow one

Carry the longer end of the scarf and cross it above the narrow one. Once it is over the narrow end, carry it beneath the short end of the scarf. Then pull up towards the collar and over the loop of the collar.

You could turn the scarf above and slide the lengthier end beneath the shorter end

Turn the scarf over so that it is on the left of the collar’s loop. Slide the extended end below the shorter one. Take the long end upward in the direction of the collar.

Generate a couple of small loops

Push the long end over the loop around the collar and be sure that a longer side of the scarf is pulled in the direction of the collar’s right side. This could produce 2 little loops on every side of the scarf’s narrow end. You can create modifications with the knot either by pulling it firmer to make the knot more compact or making it unfastened to get a bigger knot.

Drag the scarf over the collar loop

Put the longer side of the scarf on top of the 2 loops you created in order that it drapes. Begin wrapping the scarf below it then pull it with the loop of the collar. The Windsor knot will now start to shape.

Pull the longer end downwards

Thread the longer end through the upper loop of the knot then pull it downwards. Make the important corrections so that the scarf can be positioned at the center button of your collar. Flip down the collar.

Considering that Windsor knots are usually full as well as wide, you could leave the upper button of your top open to give the knot more area. If you want, you can also wear Windsor knots over a collarless top so you can flaunt how it compliments your neckline.

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