Choosing a Beautiful Bridal Gown

When it comes planning your wedding, picking out the right bridal gown is always going to be one of the most important tasks. With the range of styles available it can be difficult to know which one is likely to suit you best. Make life a little easier for yourself with this run down of some of the most popular styles.

The traditional full length white gown with bridal train will always be a popular choice. The downside to this particular style of gown is that it can be a little difficult to walk whilst wearing it. Instead you could choose a shorter, floor length of ankle dress or if the weather is suitable, pick a mini dress so that you can show off your legs.

As modern weddings have strayed further from these traditional styles, the gowns worn by today’s bride more often reflect their personal style of beliefs. Brides who are looking to make their wedding day more unique may opt for a ball gown bridal dress. These types of dresses will come in a range of colours and lengths so you will be able to pick one which is exactly to your tastes.

It should go without saying that the bride should feel confident and beautiful on this important day. With that in mind it could be a good idea to choose a silk bridal dress. Silk is widely regarded as being one of the most versatile fabrics that a dress can be crafted out of and so can be made into a variety of styles, making it ideal for bridal dresses.

There is an increasing trend for high collar bridal dresses, which will give you an elegant and conventional look. Don’t worry about getting a dress which looks the same as everyone else’s as there are many variations on this type of dress, offering a cut out or keyhole cut which will reveal a little (though not too much) of your chest.

When you are shopping round for a suitable wedding gown don’t forget to take your jewellery and accessories into consideration. This will be the perfect time to buy your bridal necklace and wedding bracelets as you will be able to try them on and make sure that they match your wedding gown. If your gown has lots of elaborate details and flourishes then you may decide not to go for additional jewellery, however if you do then make sure that your choices are part of a matching set.

Some people don’t realise the importance of matching jewellery to the season. Glitzy, flashy jewellery should be worn only in the evenings whereas heavier jewellery should be reserved for winter weddings. When it comes to summer of course your choice of jewellery should be kept light.

When putting together your wedding outfit you should remember not to exaggerate and go overboard, tempting though it will be to spoil yourself. You should always take care to find a balance between dressing elegantly and extravagantly in order to achieve a look which is truly refined.

Author Bio: Trevor Richards writes on behalf of Queens & Bowl (, a UK retailer of bridal necklaces.


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