Clothes Every Career Woman Should Own

A big problem those right out of college have is that they have to dress up for job interviews, but they don’t have money to buy the clothes since they don’t have that job yet!

Most people actually have plenty of clothes that would be great for an office, they just don’t know it yet. If they feel their wardrobe is still lacking, there are a few pieces they can buy that will complete it. Like these:

One blazer:

If you have one black or navy blue blazer, you can put all sorts of tops underneath. Even casual t’s, tank tops, and of course blouses, look dressed up and professional under a blazer. Collect all the pretty pins you own or that your mother gave you and attach them to the collar of your jacket. Blazers go great with knee length skirts and trousers for the office, and then they look sexy with jeans out of the office. My friend who teaches singing lessons and works super long days and goes from running around town, back to teaching keeps a blazer in her car. She goes back and forth between that and sweatpants throughout the day as she runs errands and gives her lessons. Her students who are there to learn to sing better from a professional only see her in her “professional” attire.

A black trouser and a beige trouser

Trousers are another item that people won’t notice you repeat-wear, so long as you change what’s going on on the top. Since these are recognized as office attire, you can wear totally casual tops, sweaters and if you’d like nice shirts on the top. Switch between the two colors—the black and the beige—and you could put on those pants every day of the week without anyone batting an eyelash!

A pencil skirt

I love these because they are universally accepted as professional, as well as sexy. Many times I’ve worn a super sexy, lacey or beaded tank top under a blazer with a pencil skirt to work, and just tossed the blazer off for after work drinks. You instantly have the sexy teacher or sexy secretary look going.

Button down shirts

Get one in white and one in black. A tailored one always gives a professional look and just unbutton the top a bit for a sexy look after work. Or, throw on one a few sizes too big, tuck it into your pants, put the sleeves under your blazer, and when you leave the office, swap in some skinny jeans and a waste belt to get a nice silhouette and that “boyfriend’s shirt” look.

Hopefully it’s clear now that having a cute wardrobe and a professional one doesn’t mean you need to have more than one wardrobe!

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One Response to “Clothes Every Career Woman Should Own”

  1. Sab Says:

    Perfect! I think there are now dress codes when going to work especially at universities but as long as there’s none, I would love to try the tank top and pencil skirt combo :)