Frocks That Rock: The Art of Head-turning Evening Dresses

That special little number you need for a party or evening function probably causes you more stress than all your other clothing choices put together. There are so many factors to take into account that you might even be wondering if it would be less hassle just not going. But persevere and you’ll find the perfect piece with a little help from this handbag-sized guide, of course.

Your first consideration is of course the nature of the event itself. For a formal business event, it’s best to go for something a little conservative, stylish and modest, but it should also leave a few options open to let you go with the flow. For example, if there’s likely to be dancing, you’ll be glad you didn’t choose something too tight and long; and if there’s food involved, something with a mottled or tweedy print will hide all but the most disastrous spillages and slippages.

Weddings, family birthday parties and other such celebrations allow a more relaxed attitude, but still try and keep it decent! This is probably the toughest call, as you don’t want to appear stuffy and buttoned-up, but you also don’t want to look like you’re on the pull. And even if you are on the pull, you’ve got to remember there will be kids present! It’s a fine line, but experience is quite a good guide here. It’s almost certain that most of us will have been to weddings where certain guests are, let’s say, trying a bit too hard. They stand out a mile and are usually the ones literally dragging people to join them on the dancefloor. So think fun, think celebration and think dancing, but also think of the photographs.

Finally we’ve got the most relaxed evening of all, the girls’ night out. Of course this means different things to different groups of women, but there will probably be a bit of eating, some drinking, lots of laughter, and no doubt a good deal of dancing and flirting going on. There might be a teeny bit of rivalry among you, so it’s vital to get this one right. First rule: know your competition. Think about what your girlfriends normally wear on such occasions and use it as a benchmark to improve upon. Second, know the battleground. If it’s a relatively dignified gathering over dinner and cocktails, you can’t go wrong with a chic little black dress – think Audrey Hepburn and you’ll rarely go wrong (actually, that’s probably a half-decent life rule). If it’s likely to get somewhat wilder, you can really let yourself go, with daring cuts and materials that let you express yourself.

And don’t forget, you don’t have to limit yourself to the high street when you’re looking for that perfect frock. If you’re really dedicated to rocking a certain look, then why not go straight to source and buy yourself some original vintage clothing from one of the many online and side-street boutiques? These are tried and tested looks, and a surprising number of them will definitely have stood the test of time. What’s more, if it’s only going to be worn once or rarely, they are excellent value for clothing with no drop in style or quality.

And finally, always do what your mum says and wrap up warm. That’s one rule you’ll be glad you obeyed.

Author Bio: Nigel Cooper created this review in conjunction with Rokit, suppliers of women’s evening dresses and other vintage clothing items.


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