How to Shop For Pantyhose That Are Right For You

Being able to buy pantyhose from the vast collection of various types of stockings available in the market today is an art in itself. The right pair of pantyhose can make any outfit look glamorous while a wrong choice can ruin your entire outfit. Learning to buy stockings is a skill learned over time but here are some tips to get you started.

To begin with, whether you are buying work pantyhose or designer pantyhose for a dress, it is imperative you know the right size. The size is determined by your weight, measurements and height so knowing the exact dimensions of each is important. A too-big pair can bunch up or roll at the waist while a too-small pair can crease at the waist and crotch, make it hard for you to sit down and worst of all, snag or rip.

Size matters when it comes to shopping for the right style of pantyhose. It is important to know your correct pantyhose size before you purchase your new stockings. Most hosiery sizes are determined by a man or women’s weight. It may be inconvenient but it is very important to weigh yourself that morning or a few days prior before you shop for pantyhose. An incorrect weight or measurement could result in the wrong stockings size. While most stores offer easy return policies on hosiery, it could be devastating to open up your new stockings and discover that they don’t fit on the morning of a special occasion or work day. Know your weight so you are confident that you are buying the right size pantyhose on the day of purchase.

Once you are browsing at a department store you will find there are dozens of styles and varieties. Consider the kind of use you shall be putting the pair to and then decide the types of stockings you need. For an event or occasion when you have to look your best pantyhose with body slimmers and control top panels is a recommended option but for daily wear, especially when you have to be seated for long periods, such types are best avoided. Similarly support pantyhose can be good for regular wear while toe less pantyhose is specially made for women who want to wear sandals.

Try different brands but try to narrow down your choice so that you can depend on one reliable brand. Spend some time on online forums and discuss the topic with women who regularly wear and buy pantyhose for advice on the best brands. If you can afford to spend a lot of money, known brands such as Donna Karan hosiery make designer pantyhose that is fabulous but even for those working on limited budgets, the options are many.

Always choose a color that looks good on you. Dark colors typically have a slimming effect and are recommended for women with a plus-size frame. If your legs are not shapely, avoid light colors or patterns since these make the legs look larger and draw attention.

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