Nursing Pajamas : You’ll Need Them Before and After Your Pregnancy

There is one article of clothing which no new mother can live without: nursing pajamas.

Nursing pajamas are an essential key to a new mother’s survival as they are incredibly comfortable and provide easy nursing access at all hours of the night. In the morning, a great pair of nursing pajamas which are comfy and cute simply allows for a better start to one’s busy day. There are many well-known maternity clothing designers with great nursing pajamas, most of which are so trendy and comfortable you will keep wearing them long after your baby has stopped nursing!

Olian Maternity is known for their one of a kind nursing pajamas. Soft fabric, cute yet modern designs, and great pajama sets define their collection. Just as much as an expectant or new mom would love to receive one of their pajama sets, any gift giver would be thrilled to give one of these sets. Pajamas in general make excellent gifts, as sizing is far more generous and easy to fit than a pair of jeans or a dress might be. Olian’s pajama sets in particular make a great gift as a variety of clothing articles come in each set, from pajama bottoms to a cute robe to an adorable baby cap. One gorgeous new pajama from Olian this season is the Lemon 4 Piece Nursing Pajama Set. A gorgeous empire waist cami top, ankle pants, and a robe in a soft and lightweight fabric are super comfy and stylish. Adjustable ties on the robe and pants allow them to be fit to you exactly. Also included in the set is an adorable baby sleeper. The soft unisex lemon color which it comes in makes it a cute yet safe choice for a gift. Another new addition to Olian’s Collection this year is the Blue 5 Piece Nursing Pajama Set. Included in this set are a sleeveless nursing top, cute print drawstrings pajama pants for before and after the baby, pretty wrap robe, coordinating baby sleeper and an adorable baby hat. The sleeveless top makes this a great choice for warmer weather, yet the robe allows it to work just as well as the weather cools. The robe is also a plus as it allows extra coverage in the morning as you are getting ready for the day and looks so cute that you will not mind answering the door in it! Olian’s pajama sets are a gorgeous and practical gift option for any expectant or new mother.

If you prefer to sleep in a cute nightie but still want the comfort and ease of easy breastfeeding access, there are several great options available as well. A nightie is incredibly light-weight and great for those warmer months and when paired with a robe can easily make the transition into cooler weather. Stylish and cute, they add an extra hint of sexiness. One brand new option for this season is the Ariel Maternity/Nursing 4 Piece Gift Set from well-known maternity designer Belabumbum. This gorgeous nightie set includes a crossover front nightie which provides easy nursing access and a matching front tie robe which is trimmed with beautiful lace. Also included in the set is a super soft long-sleeve baby sleeper. Available in a beautiful baby pink or soft mint, this lace trimmed nightie set makes the perfect gift as it comes packaged in a cute matching mesh bag. It truly combines comfort and style in one! Another great nightie option is the Lace Sleep set from Majamas Maternity. This cute two piece set includes a sleeveless nightie and a matching robe. The nightie is designed in the crossover style, providing easy nursing access. With black lace trim lining both the nightie and the gown, a beautiful set is created.

Overall, nursing pajamas add ease and comfort to a new mother’s night, providing easy nursing access while allowing one to feel stylish and comfy. Whether you prefer a pajama or a nightie set, there is something out there for everyone. Great as gifts since they are easy to fit, they are also very versatile as they can be worn long before or after your baby has stopped nursing. Nursing pajamas are stylish, comfortable, and sure to make your night a bit easier.

Author Bio: Kyra Demartini is a sr stylist at maternity clothes and nursing clothes store, a leading online retailer. has a wide selection of maternity pajamas and nursing pajamas by designers such as Japanese Weekend, Majamas, Maternal America, Olian Maternity.


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