Why the White Nightgown is a Ladies Sleepwear Favorite?

A white nightgown is a basic ladies sleepwear style that is a lingerie drawer necessity for all girls and women, regardless of their age. A refreshing option for sleeping and lounging in, there are a multitude of white night gowns that run the gamut from warm and cosy micro-fleece for winter wear to cool and crisp lightweight cotton for those hot summer evenings. And the styles range from plain and practical, to feminine and flirty and virtually everything in between. A white nightgown is undoubtedly a classic look that will never go out of style.

The relaxing and comfortable sensation of putting on a crisp white nightgown before climbing into bed every night can be described as second to none, and has often been described as a great benefit to getting a good night’s sleep. Though most women opt to have at least one, generally it is a good idea for women to have at least two or three white nightgowns in different styles and fabrics that they can alternate based on their needs.

With the recent emergence of bright, multi-colored or boldly patterned women’s sleepwear, lingerie and intimate apparel, many might argue that the humble white nightgown has become an anachronism, or simply put, out of date in its time. However, this just isn’t true. The classic and timeless designs and fabrics of white nightgowns continue to be just as popular as 100 years ago.

And, with the emergence of lingerie and intimate apparel designers such as Calvin Klein and Josie Natori into the lingerie market this is certainly the case. While Calvin Klein has popularized the look of cool and sophisticated nightgown and lingerie designs in fabrics like Egyptian cotton, microfiber and now uber cool modal, Josie Natori has chosen to showcase white nightgowns in the elegant luxury of satin and silk fabrics. And, on the practical side, traditional white cotton nightgowns are also available from a variety of different designers including Vanity Fair, Eileen West, P-Jamas and Thea. The nightgowns these manufacturers offer are the workhorse of womens sleepwear styles that the majority of women turn to for everyday lounge wear and sleepwear.

There are a good number of lingerie and sleepwear styles that one can choose from when shopping for nightgowns and intimate apparel in white. For practical purposes in comfortable everyday lingerie, sleeveless nightgowns in an above the knee length lightweight cotton, nylon or microfiber are great choices for sleeping and lounging in warmer climates or during the spring and summer months. They are cool and comfortable.

Then there are long sleeve nightgowns that are full length in thicker fabrics like flannel, fleece and brushed back satin that are fantastic options for cooler or winter climates, or even for seniors who are sensitive to the cold and like to keep toasty warm. Finally, if it is a sexy nightgown that one is looking for, then there are an amazing variety of sexy white nightgown styles that range from white chiffon babydoll nighties to sheer mesh chemises or even white satin nightgowns with sexy spaghetti shoulder straps just to name a few.

Author Bio: Carmen Petitclerc is a lingerie designer and enthusiast who hails from beautiful Toronto, Canada. Follow her intimate apparel tips on a white nightgown and her lingerie blog at Love of Lingerie


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