Understanding Different Types of Beauty Salon Facials

Today, beauty salons provide a wide range of services ranging from hair styling to hair colouring, make-up and facials. And since the face is the most open and easily seen part of the body, utmost care for it is indeed important. So, most beauty salons now offer various types of facials that will give best results and resolve your skin concerns. Still, knowing the purpose for each type of facials is essential. It will avoid risks of further skin damage.

Types of Beauty Salon Facials

Facials come in various types from simple to more advance. Some facials target certain types of problems whilst others are just basic cleansing. Here are few of the most common one. Check and see which facial is best for your skin.

Classic Facial: This is the simplest type of facial. It does not include extractions nor a massage but only basic cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. It is not pricey and apt for all skin types mainly for normal skin.

European Facial: This type is a better version of a classic facial plus massage. It also involves the basic procedures plus the facial massage using a special cream.

Special Facials: These types of facials may detoxify, revive, lift, whiten or promote skin cell renewal for a more glowing skin. Estheticians usually suggest this after thorough check up.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Facial: Enzymes and acids derived from flowers and fruits act as an anti-aging agent. This is ideal for pigmented and prone to wrinkles skin since it removes dead skin cells.

Paraffin Facial: This is a quick fix solution to restore radiance in skin for a specific time. Thus, usually done on special occasions such as weddings.

Anti-Acne Facial: Purposely made for acne prone skin, this facial involves deep pore cleansing and extractions of dirt. It uses antiseptic creams for an antibacterial effect. Apply this in intervals until problem recedes.

Collagen Facial: Collagen maintains skin elasticity. Thus, loss of collagen causes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The collagen facial does not replace loss collagen. Rather, it hydrates and tightens dull skin.

Facial Peels: These facials are the most aggressive type. It removes the damaged layer skin and renew to a healthy one. Since it uses chemicals for peeling, it can be harmful if not done right.

Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids Peels: The procedures are similar to AHA facials plus the peeling. It also uses fruits acids and enzymes for a smoother and radiant skin effect.

Trichloracetic Acid Peels: This is the most popular peel today. It achieves result faster than other peeling routines. After applying acid, the skin peels in 7 to 10 days.

Phenol Peels: This is the most aggressive type of peeling. It uses a strong substance to remove wrinkles, some skin growths and damaged skin. So, you need to consult a skin expert first before doing thiu.

Lately, people are more inclined to beauty than ever before. Since people are now aware of the value of appearance, beauty salons now offer a variety of facials that best fit the client’s needs. Yet, facials are not just for anyone. Certain types of facials are best for certain types of skin. Do your homework and research first. Know what facials can do for you. An advice from a medical expert is still best. Doing so will prevent risks of harming your face.

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