Silver Bracelets- The Four D Advantage

Ever seen an episode of that 70’s show? If you have, you know that silver bracelets were the rage then and so were silver jewellery rings. It was this love for the metal that the hippies expressed that got silver jewellery branded as ‘junk’ jewellery.

However with designers kicking into gear, this scenario has changed completely. Fine silver jewellery pieces have attracted even the richest of them all and this is why silver ornaments have made a place for themselves despite the yellow metal ruling.

It would not be wrong to say that of all types of silver ornaments, the silver wrist wear seem to be the most favourite. The 4 D advantage that a silver bangle possesses as opposed to a gold one is what is making this ornament such a craze. Let us look into these four Ds.

-Durability – Anyone who has bought gold bangles know that the purer the gold content, the more likely is the bangle to bend its shape. It seems silly to pay for a gold bangle but keep the purity levels low. Silver wrist ornaments offer no such problems. This durability extends to silver jewellery rings also. Once the metal has been cast into the mould, the loop of the bangle or the ring will not bend or become disfigured due to regular wear.

-Design – This hardness of silver allows one to get creative with the designs of the bracelets too. Gems like diamonds, emerald, rubies, etc are set much better in silver and chances of their falling off are rather rare. Silver can be carved much more finely that gold can. These and many such advantages, make it very easy to create exquisite designs when it comes to silver bracelets. These designs are highly attractive and those wanting them in the yellow gold finish can simply get some gold water coated on the bangle, while maintaining the advantages of silver.

-Dignity- Gone are the days when silver was considered the metal of the poorer sect. Today the classiest of people will buy fine silver jewellery pieces with great pride. Silver bracelets have walked the red carpet adorned by the richest of the rich, simply due to their unique and attractive designs. The ornament is no longer being judged by its metal, but more with its fine designing and smooth execution.

-Doe- Yes silver costs much lesser than gold and of course even platinum. So you get quality, but you get it at a cheaper price and who would not like that. A silver bangle that is crafted beautifully will in most cases, cost half of a gold bangle that is of a much lighter in weight and not done well either.

Finely crafted silver bracelets are elegant and economical and exciting. The combination seems too good to resist. This is why almost all jewellery loves will have such a bracelet to boast of, if not several of them. The ornament takes on an all new ‘cult’ status in the 2000’s and this status says ‘gem’ not ‘junk’.

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