Nursing Pajamas – Great Maternity and Nursing Gift Idea for the Mom-To-Be

Not sure what gift to get a mother-to-be who seems to have everything she needs? Why not get her something she herself can enjoy with a maternity or nursing pajama gift set? Most gift sets include a matching girl or boy baby sleeper. If you are not sure of the gender of the baby, then there are also unisex baby sleepers to choose from as part of maternity and nursing pajama gift sets. Your expecting friend or relative will especially appreciate a gift that she can use during and after pregnancy and perhaps even for her baby delivery hospital stay.

Pretty matching sleeper sets make for excellent early mother and baby photos to keep for a lifetime and send out to family and friends. Olian Maternity is a great maternity designer to check out for a variety of styles in pajama gift sets. Their 4 Piece Sleep Set in Blue includes a cute cami and patterned drawstring pajama along with a soft light weight long sleeved cardigan. The matching blue baby sleeper is perfect for the baby boy to be. Olian Maternity’s 5 Piece Sleep Set includes a similar ensemble in a lighter blue shade nursing top and floral pajama pants with a white backdrop. This 5 piece set also includes a mid-length wrap robe which works well for nursing and postpartum wear. The matching blue baby sleeper also includes a matching baby hat.

If you are unsure of the gender of the child or want something a little more modern, then take a look at Olian’s Unisex sleepers in their 4 and 5 Piece Sleepsets this season. The 5 piece sleepset in a soft lemon print features a dainty nursing cami and matching drawstring pajama bottoms. The robe is a mid-length wrap in 100% soft cotton making it a great year-round gift idea. The baby sleeper is soft lemon and gray stripe perfect for either a boy or girl. Similarly Olian’s 5 piece unisex take features the same ensemble in a soft pink/light brown pattern along with a baby sleeper and hat in a neutral grey/sliver brown stripe that is simply adorable and flattering to either gender baby.

Another great gift idea for the mom to be is a hospital delivery gown. Dearjohnnies makes adorable print hospital delivery gowns in a variety of colors and styles. These gowns are popular with many celebrities such as Tori Spelling, Samatha Harris, and Angela Kinsey. These designer gowns allow you to feel more beautiful and make your hospital birthing experience more personal, not to mention give a better fit than the worn out one size fits all hospital gown usually distributed upon admittance.

If you are expecting a girl, the dearjohnnies Lucy Hospital gown is an excellent choice in a soft pink print. Of course you don’t have to be expecting a girl to wear pink, but some moms like to coordinate with their babies’ gender. If you opt for a more neutral gender color, then check out dearjohnnies Finlay Hospital Gown in tasteful light mint print. These gowns are all 100% cotton with easy shoulder snaps for breastfeeding access and pretty ribbon ties down the back. If want to shake it up a bit, then opt for dearjohnnies rocking Pia or Rory prints in turquioise and whimsical purple prints.

Remember the mother to be can get gifts at the baby shower too and she will be thrilled to have a comfy pair of pajamas that she can wear for those early baby pictures or for comfort during her hospital stay and beyond.

Author Bio: Amy Jarman is owner of the maternity clothes and nursing clothes store, a leading online retailer. has a wide selection of maternity pajamas and nursing pajamas by designers such as Japanese Weekend, Majamas, Maternal America, Olian Maternity.


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