Lingerie Guide to Backless Bras

With the way they are designed and look, backless bras are clearly one of the most distinct bra styles on the market today. There are many women that use this specialty brassiere from time to time.

And, while they are not the most comfortable types of bras there are many designs that are supportive and offer a great fit. Backless bras are a great alternative for a number of clothing styles ranging from glamorous strapless evening gowns to delightful summer dresses and tops.

Whereas some may be tempted it is not a great choice to wear a strapless or backless dress less the proper brassiere and intimate apparel underneath. Some women can pull this off but it is a rare occasion and is really playing with fire, particularly in social situations where going bra less may give the wrong message.

How Do They Work?

What makes this brassiere so unique? It commonly functions with an adhesive within the brassiere so that the bra remains up and does not slip down. A few styles have the adhesive on the inner portion of the bra cups or bra straps. Some bras are available without the strong adhesive and tend to be the most comfortable because you do not have to cope with sticking, pinching, etc.

When shopping for these types of bras it is necessary to opt for the correct bra size. They are meant to have a pretty snug bra fit. Above all, comfort is essential to feeling great in any lingerie or intimate apparel! Also it is important to bear in mind that not having the right lingerie undergarments will effect the overall look of the clothing.

One good benefit of backless bras is that there are designs available that have a fabulous push up attribute and provide excellent cleavage for any woman with any size of breasts.

Depending on where and how the bra is placed on the breasts will determine the level of cleavage a woman can achieve. As a rule, these bras come with a set of written directions on how to alter the degree of cleavage based on the adjustment of the bra cup.

Where To Shop

Backless bras are carried online and in bricks and mortar stores in a multitude of different brands. When lingerie shopping in person, stores like Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, JCPenney and Nordstrom are good picks. And of course, if you are shopping online there are trustworthy lingerie stores like FreshPair, HerRoom, and Pampered Passions.

When shopping online it is recommended that you are comfortable with how the brand of bra fits and pay close attention to the sizing chart. If you can shop for backless bras on your own in person, that would be the best route to go to make absolutely certain that your bra is going to fit.

Strapless backless bras are a nice convenience for numerous special moments when women do not want their bra straps to show.

Keep in mind that the most important consideration when getting one of these bras is comfort. Comfort equals confidence and confidence means you look alluring!

Author Bio: Carmen Petitclerc is a lingerie designer and enthusiast who hails from beautiful Toronto, Canada. Follow her tips on backless bras and lingerie blog at Love of Lingerie


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