Flannel Sleepwear and Its Benefits

Flannel sleepwear is without a doubt one of the most popular ladies sleepwear styles. But do you know what flannel is? What is it made from?

Slightly napped one one or both sides, flannel is a cotton based fabric that is very soft. The nap of the flannel fabric which is also known as the pile feels velvety soft as it lies flat if brushed in one direction, but will stand up when brushed in another direction. The interesting part is the color can appear darker or lighter, based on which way the pile is brushed.

The Popularity of Flannel

What is the big deal with flannel sleepwear? Well, it is all about comfort. And, when the temperatures drop you’ll be sure to see plenty of fun and attractive flannel lingerie available in lingerie stores near you.

There are several flannel intimate apparel styles that are both pleasing and practical. Flannel pajamas and flannel nightgowns are acknowledged favorites. Flannel nightgowns and flannel pajamas are not famous for being terribly sensual or sexy. However, they are warm and functional. These cosy ladies sleepwear styles are the workhorse wonders of the intimate apparel world in cold climates, like North Dakota in the dead of winter.

There are additional styles that you may not be aware of. For women who are not comfortable with long nightgowns there is the flannel nightshirt. Ending at knee length or a bit longer, a nightshirt is the shorter option to its cousin the nightgown. Also very popular in flannel are women’s robes. The flannel robe also has several advantages. First and foremost, these robes are a great way to keep warm in cooler climates. And they are wonderful to lounge around the house in. After an early morning shower, the cosy comfort of flannel also makes flannel robes a good choice to keep warm.

Fun colors

Feasting your eyes on the seasonal colors of flannel lingerie is the fun part. Red plaid or tartan are the most popular colors. However, each season there are new and exciting patterns and designs. From cute cats and Poodles to pretty florals and polka dots there are a plethora of fabulous colors and designs to tempt everyone.

Do you prefer practical and plain? Or, are you bold and adventurous? Here is some lingerie advice. If, you are treating yourself then opt for a design or color that suits your personality. However, if you are buying a present for someone else, then take a few moments to think about the colors or patterns they enjoy. And, in case they are not madly in love with the gift make sure they are able to exchange it.

A great addition to any lingerie drawer, flannel sleepwear is without a doubt a lingerie favorite for those cold nights. It is a well liked lingerie and intimate apparel style. Cotton flannel is a natural fabric that breathes. It is resistant to wrinkling, very durable and washes well. And, the bonus is it feels good on the skin, without itchiness or dryness. If, you haven’t tried it before, treat yourself or your sweetheat to some flannel sleepwear. You will wonder why you waited so long.

Author Bio: Carmen Petitclerc is a lingerie designer and enthusiast who hails from beautiful Toronto, Canada! Follow her lingerie tips on flannel sleepwear and lingerie blog at Love of Lingerie


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