Finding the Right Cotton Nightgown and Cotton Lingerie

Since almost the beginning of time, the cotton nightgown has been an intimate apparel must have for women of all ages. What makes cotton so popular? Cotton is a natural fabric that is well known for its easy care and great fit. Plus it has breathability.

Take a look at any lingerie section of any department today and you will see a fantastic array of cotton sleepwear styles like cotton pajamas, nightgowns, robes, bras, panties, and of course the always favorite cotton chemise.

Looking for something cool and crisp for summer wear? Opt for lightweight cotton nightgowns that are available in short or longer lengths. Want something warmer for colder climates? Check out comfy, soft, flannel sleepwear which is thicker, warm and cosy.

If you are looking for a multitude of great styles at affordable prices, you will find a tempting cornucopia in ladies sleepwear. Here are some of today’s favorite cotton nightgown styles.

Popular Nightgown And Intimate Apparel Styles

Victorian Nightgown – a romantic and old fashioned look with lots of Victorian detailing like ruffles and bows flatter this fluid and comfortable material. It is demure in style with a high button collar and long sleeves. Available in a variety of lengths from ultra short to long, the most popular cotton nightgown length is long and flowing. Most women opt for long sleeves for a more feminine look.

Flannel Nightgown – from lightweight to heavy thick and heavy, this cotton sleepwear style is sought out during the fall and winter seasons. Traditionally, flannel designs are plaid in a gamut of colors from red to blue and pretty pink. What makes flannel nightgowns such a long time favorite? The dense fabric can be characterized as cozy and soft.

Cotton Chemise – every woman has at least one or more of this uber favorite in her lingerie drawer. Short white cotton nightgowns can be overtly sexy or subtly sexy depending on the style of the silhouette. Ultra flexible, these sleepwear nighties do double duty as slip lingerie. Necklines vary from v-cut to square cut.

Cotton Pajamas – who doesn’t own at least one pair of cosy pajamas? And, more importantly, would Sunday mornings ever be the same without them? Combine these two and you get super comfy nightwear. Simple options include long sleeved and long pants with a button front. But, the garden variety of pajamas have expanded into a fantastic variety of choices.

Pajama pants now range from full length to ultra short and the sleeves can vary from long sleeve, to cap sleeve and of course sleeveless. Gone too are the usual plain and light colors. Cotton pajamas are now available in a wide variety of bright colors and fun prints.

Cotton Love

A natural fabric that breathes, cotton is known for its comfortable and [versatile properties|practical styles. Be it a white cotton nightgown or a flannel nightgown, taking care of your cotton lingerie is hassle-free. It is soft and smooth, as well as dependable. No matter how often you wear it, cotton keeps its crisp, soft quality.

Author Bio: Carmen Petitclerc is a lingerie designer and enthusiast who hails from beautiful Toronto, Canada. Follow her intimate apparel tips on the cotton nightgown and lingerie blog at Love of Lingerie


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