4 Benefits of Screen Printing

by Dallas Hart

Shop BustedTees.com Today!I am sure that everyone has heard of a popular ways in which you can create tee shirts by a form of printing called “screen printing.” For those of you that are brand new to this type of print it is a pretty simple concept. You will use your paint and squeegee it through fabric in order to create a stencil on a tee shirt. Many people all around the world have discovered this fine art.

Here are four benefits of screen printing:
Screen printed tee shirts are durable. What do I mean by this? Well, the truth of the matter is since the dye is applied to a tee shirt it takes a long time for it to fade or dull. However, when shirts are made by ironing graphics on them, typically will get faded and peel away over time. With these screen printed tee shirts that is certainly not the case at all. They can stand the test of time for quite a long time.

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You have the flexibility to scale designs as big as you want them without losing any detail. Well, as long as you have a big enough area to work with. Typically if you are working with computer graphics you can only blow something up so big before you completely pixilate the graphic, and it becomes horrible looking. With screen printing if you have to room for it you can do it.

Shop BustedTees.com Today!It is a very quick process. In fact, the turn around time is incredible. Not just with tee shirts, you can screen print all kinds of items. You can make advertisements, too. Instead of working with a printing press where you will have to pay to run a lot of different prints. However, with screen printing there is typically a very limited amount of minimum prints that you will need to do in order to get a them ran. In fact, some companies will run just one print for you. These prints will cost you a lot less than other prints, as well.

Screen printing is really fun. It is offered in colleges all around the United States. In fact, you can make quite a bit of money screen printing shirts and advertisements. You can take it up as a hobby and actually start creating tee shirts in your basement if you would like. It is a fine art and there is a lot to learn about it.

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