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by John Smith

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If you are looking for greeting cards that really are guaranteed to deliver, then you need look no further than personalised greeting cards. But what are personalised greeting cards? And what does it mean by personalised? Well, let’s take a look at the huge range of personalised cards that are available on-line – and see exactly what makes them such a brilliant new innovation, and just how they make anyone’s occasion that extra bit special!



Birthdays can be very tricky – we all love different things, and often we find ourselves looking for cards for relatives, nieces and nephews we don’t really know. After endlessly searching the racks of the card shops, many of us still can’t find that card that’s just right, and shows we really do care about their special day!

Personalised greeting cards mean you can buy that perfect birthday card and add that extra exciting twist – it’s their name right there on the front! And we don’t mean slapped on cheaply – all messages are seamlessly blended with the image to create a card that truly looks like it was made for their birthday alone. For example, for the chocoholics, why not a real photograph of a delicious chocolate birthday cake with their name written in chocolate sauce? The ‘Chocolate Sauce’ card promises just that – and your loved one will think someone made up the cake and wrote a saucy name just for them!

Card Cartoon


At arguably the biggest card event of the year, how can you make your card stand out amongst all the rest? Well, with personalisation, of course! Make that Christmas really about them with a card that spells out their name or your message there on the very front. Why not take a look at the ‘Christmas Street’ card? This card shows a classic street with all the vibrant, twinkling Christmas lights on display – even a Santa waving merrily at the front! A great card all on its own – but the twist is you can have your loved ones names written in those sparkling lights across the centre of the card, as part of the Christmas lights! With a card so unique, your card is guaranteed to deliver, and find itself the choicest spot amongst all those generic store-bought cards!

New Baby

Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is a real joy – but have you seen those twee and tacky store-bought cards available for the occasion? With personalised greeting cards, you can create something unique and funny to really celebrate – and what better way to immortalise the new baby’s name than with a card that features it written in fun ways? With the ‘Kids Blocks’ card, you can have your message spelt out in funky, bright children’s blocks.

Personalisation also comes in handy when the doting parents choose a more creatively-spelt or rarer name for their child – you can have any name at all with personalised greeting cards.

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Some people carve their names and their loved ones into the bark of a tree to declare their undying love, but if you’d rather not damage any local flora you can have the very same affect with the ‘Tree Carving’ card that can feature his or her name or initials – and perhaps yours, too.


What better way to really thank someone than with personalised greeting cards? Personalisation helps to show you really do mean it – and from horses munching their name in carrots and fireworks lighting your message in the sky to hunky men bearing their name on shining dog-tags there is a thank-you card to suit anyone!

Standing Cards

Of course, the true beauty of personalised greeting cards is that they can be customised to practically any occasion at all – you can create the perfect card for that perfect person at any excuse, or even without an excuse at all, just to show them you care.

Finally, when it comes to guaranteed delivery, we mean exactly that! Once you have selected the perfect card, added that extra special personal touch and completed your order, it will be sent directly to you via first class post and arrive within a day or two! From there, you can hand over your perfect card to that special person either in person, or post it on (don’t worry, they all come with an envelope), and bask in the glory as they wonder exactly how you created a seemingly real photographic or illustrated card with their name or message seamlessly part of the picture – will you tell them your secret?

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