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Which metal type should I choose?

When choosing a metal type, there are a few key points to remember.

Try and find out if the person you are buying it for have a preference for yellow gold, white gold or platinum jewelry. It is also important to consider the diamond quality you are selecting. You should match a better diamond quality with a better metal type.

24k gold consists of 100% pure gold but it is uncommon to product jewelry in 24 karats in the U.S. The common metal type in the United States is 14k gold. There are a few differences between 10k, 14k and 18k gold. The first difference is the percentage of gold in the jewelry item. 10k is made up of 41.7% pure gold, 14k is 58.3% pure gold and 18k is 75% pure gold with the remaining percent made up of alloys.

The second difference is the weight variance of the gold between the karats. 18k is approximately 19.2 % heavier than 14k, platinum is approximately 64.2% heavier than 14k, and 10k is the lightest of the three because it is mixed with a greater percentage of alloys. For the approximate weight of a jewelry item, you may review the ‘Approx Metal Weight’ which is located under the Selected Item Configuration on the bottom of each product page.

Note: you will need to fully customize the item in order for our system to calculate the approximate metal weight. The weight listed is in grams. If you have additional questions about the metal type, feel free to contact one of theAnjolee representatives, who will gladly assist you with any questions about the metal.

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